Everyone has probably heard a physics teacher tell you that Earth moves around the Sun like a stone rotating on a string. Stone's inertia = Earth's inertia. String counteracting it = Gravitation counteracting it.

Youtube provides a video for those who haven't:

Earth revolves around the Sun like a stone on a string | Gravitation | Physics on KClassScienceChannel :

Is this a good illustration?

If inertia = inertia is a good illustration, string = gravitation is perhaps not the best we can do. How about electromagnetic attractiong = gravitation?

This video provides an example:

[ISS] Don Petit, Science Off The Sphere - Water Droplets Orbiting Charged Knitting Needle on

Note that the balance between inertia and attraction is more delicate than that between inertia and string. It breaks in this example after 10 - 20 orbits.

So, how can we be sure the balance is better in the cosmological case? That it works without either divine or angelic interference?

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