If Earth is still in the absolute centre of the Universe, one corrollary is that if the orbits predicted by Heliocentrism are optically confirmed, some of these are in a Geocentric Universe Spirograph patterns.

Such do in fact occur in the universe, even on the showing of Heliocentrics:

Whatever their explanation is for this nebula, their claim is that the Solar System cannot possibly have Mars or Jupiter or any other planets doing spirograph patterns. These are too complex to be brought about by a Newtonian interplay of Inertia and Gravitation, which they usually these days suppose are the only causes.

With Angelic Movers, this difficulty disappears. The spirograph patterns observed from Earth may be exactly the physical patterns that angels dance in.

For Copernicus, the question was not one of physical impossibility, but of rational and mathematical describability. He had never seen a Spirograph.

"The mathematician Bruno Abakanowicz invented the Spirograph between 1881 and 1900. It was used for calculating an area delimited by curves"

And 1881 is well after the death of Copernicus.

Saying he would have agreed with physical impossibility because agreeing with modern atheists on impossibility of angels moving celestial bodies is anti-historic. He was a Catholic canon, a priest living with "his bishop as his abbot", and as such he believed in angels. But he believed, as Catholics to this day, that God makes things beautiful and perfect - and not having seen a spirograph in work, he did not believe the Tychonian orbits would be such.